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Hey all – no recaps tonight but a couple points.
(1) Did y’all see Myles Turner’s 1st half vs the Heat tonight?? Listen, whoever has that dude, HANG ON TO HIM. Gonna be a monster.
(2) I created a FB page to better establish a sense of community within the league. It’s  called GMs of the DTNBA. I’m still figuring some things out with it but add me to FB if you don’t have me already!

Games Posted

Could Steph-Damian take down Kyle and Jimmy? Could NBA MVP Russ and the Pacers pull one out at home vs the Nets? Could the Hornets get back in the win column? Could the Commish climb out of his depressive state after yesterday’s public lashing?? All these answers and more in your! DTNBA boxscores ……