1.1 League Premise – Who we are

Welcome to the DTNBA!

We are one of the most engaging and immersive Dynasty Basketball Keeper Leagues in the world! The league consists of 30 NBA teams, each of which is run by an individual GM. That’s right. 30 teams. 30 individual GM’s.

The DTNBA is a fantasy simulation league using Jump Shot Pro Basketball 5.70 by Shot Sports Software (http://shotsports.com/). From year-to-year, GM’s manage their rosters and compete against each other in an 82 game daily simulation. Full box scores are uploaded to a central website (Scores and Schedules) and vital stats such as league leaders, current standings and MVP races are tracked on a daily basis.

During the course of each season, each GM will call the shots on who plays and who doesn’t, make trades and pick up players from the free agent pool . Just like the real NBA, there are a handful of teams that are in a current rebuilding phase and will make moves with the future in mind. Other teams will go all out and go for the championship and therefore, might break the bank for their shot at the title. Since this is a keeper league, every move you make has consequences for the immediate and extended future. Your job is to direct and build your team to whatever timeline or fashion that you see fit.

GM’s will build their franchises through yearly rookie drafts, free agency and trades. The league is run by an appointed commissioner who simulates games in a head-to-head matchup for each night of the simulation schedule. A full NBA schedule is played, complete with an entire 7-game series playoff to determine an annual winner. All communication is done through email or the league website.  Participation levels can vary from simply checking and reading your emails every few days. If you’re hardcore, you’ll check the website everyday, engage in multiple trade talks and participate in general league and basketball discussions. It’s up to you, and in the end, it’s whatever you make of it.

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