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The “What-If” Conference Semis

So there were some *suggestions* as to handle the situation around the 76ers-Knicks series with the ineligible Steph. One such suggestion was to run the sims with Steph out. Here were the results:

1-1 (games recorded in Scores & Schedule)
Steph Curry removed from lineup
Game 3 @ NY: 76ers 110 // Knicks 95 (2-1 76ers)
Game 4 @ NY: 76ers 118 // Knicks 98 (3-1 76ers)
Game 5 @ Philly: 76ers 113 // Knicks 110 (4-1 76ers)

What would I have done if the Knicks had won, you ask?? Well, here’s your answer: NO MORE QUESTIONS!
Heck of a season CT .. the league is richer with you in it!