Horrible GM Process

TL;DR – Report crappy GM’s to horriblegm@gmail.com. Get too many of these emails and you’re gone.

The Details

Throughout the season, GMs will receive and make trade offers; GMs that receive offers are expected to reply promptly (promptly being defined as within 48 hours). If a reply is not received promptly, the GM may send an e-mail to horriblegm@gmail.com with the team names in the title; it will be up to you if you want to include e-mail attachments or details, but this will make reviews easier.

The e-mail address will be reviewed at regular intervals and all e-mails investigated; the dates that the e-mail will be reviewed are the first of September, December & March. Please do try to resolve these on your own before resorting to this e-mail, as unnecessary investigation would like to be avoided.

If a team receives 3 or more votes, they will be put on notice for the remainder of that season. If the team receives another 3 more votes in any other interval, that GM will be booted.

The only exception to this rule are when a GM needs to tend to an emergency, e.g. things involving hospitals. For the reason that phones can send e-mails and also that trips are planned well in advance, holidays and trips are not defined as emergencies. GMs are excepted to make every effort to notify at least 1 person that they will be unavailable, that GM can then relay the message on.

At a Commish-level, the Commish will bring forward any cases of negligence for review by a board of agreed upon GMs. At this moment, the proposed GMs are: Pat (Pelicans), Scott (Suns) and myself (Hawks). In any situation, the Commish will outline the events/case for a GM’s dismissal to the board. As one of the sitting members will also be the Commish, only one other member needs to agree for dismissal.

Do I really need to respond to every e-mail?

Yes. I understand the annoyance of dealing with low-ball offers, but at the same time, it would literally take you 3 seconds to reply back with “No”. Maybe the other guy comes back with another offer, maybe he doesn’t, but at least you close the loop.

The Only Other Exception

It can be foreseen that GMs could potentially abuse the non-reply system by sending excessive amounts of replies. Hopefully no one does this, but if this does occur and the offerer is found to be trying to wrought the system, then they themselves will be issued with the vote.

For Commish-level dismissals, these e-mails will be made public and open for scrutiny. If the other GMs are unhappy with decisions made by the board, they can openly question them.

Commish-Level Expectations

This one is simple: don’t create more work for the Commish than need be. At a basic-level:

– Keep up with player injuries on your team

– Keep up with players not on any NBA team

– Reflect the above points in your DC

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