Mini Draft Primer

Mini Draft Primer


The Mini Draft is the first step in creating the foundation for your DTNBA team. You’ll draft from an available pool of resources that is comprised of players and rookie draft pick slots from the previous teams you’ve taken over. The mini draft will be a standard snaking draft and the order will be randomly decided by the Commissioner. It is all done by email or through the site forum and there is usually a general time period that you have to make your next pick (12 hours or so). This can move rather quickly, so once the mini draft starts, please try to check your emails a little more frequently once this officially starts and make sure you click the “notify me of future replies box” if this is done through the forum. Please make sure that you’ve given us an email address that you regularly check and read. Once you’ve selected your player it starts the clock ticking for the next GM to make their pick.

The Draft

It is important to note that all players have an associated salary cap value that may factor into your decision to draft them. Salary cap figures are based on a players annual salary and falls within a range of 1 to 5 and is calculated as outlined below. All 30 teams are subject to a salary cap of 21 points. Maximum roster size is 14 players and the minimum active roster size is 10. So you cannot hypothetically draft five players with a cap value of four. Plan accordingly.

$0 – 4.9 Million – 1
$5 mil – 9.9 mil – 2
10 mil – 14.9 mil – 3
15 mil – 19.9 mil – 4
20 mil and up – 5

The way the sim software is set up, all of the baseline data that decides how individual players will perform are based on LAST years stats. So look at how a player performed in the previous season to figure out how the sim will perceive their value. This is where it might be advantageous to look at per 36 minute stats for players who get small amounts of playing time in real life, but may have a larger role on your DTNBA team. By no means does it statistically translate 1:1 from these stats into the sim, but it’s one way to estimate how a player might do in the sim. Also, because we are using last years stats as baseline data, we also use last years salary figures to determine a players cap hit. Make sure you know what your players salary and associated cap number will be going into the season. We use to determine player salaries. The last thing you want to do is draft a player that had a contract value of 1 and then realize that they will be a 3 cap hit once the starts.

The other important thing to know is that each team is allowed to update 1 player at the mid way point of each season. The mid way point is happens whenever a team has played 41 games. This date is different for each team depending on your schedule. So if a player is exploding onto the scene and is outperforming his pervious years stats, you have the opportunity to use this rule to help improve your team.

For rookie draft pick slots selected through the mini draft, it is important to note that a separate rookie draft will be conducted AFTER the initial mini draft where your team will be slotted into the appropriate position. For instance, if you drafted the #8 and #15 rookie slot, you’ll select available rookies at those positions. Please note that the rookie draft is comprised of all players taken from #1 to #60 during the real NBA draft that happens in June. It is important to realize that choosing #8 DOES NOT assign who was taken at that slot in the real NBA to your team. You draft any available player that you want to at your slot. So if you like player X at #8, then you’re free draft him if he hasn’t already been taken.

Post Mini Draft

Once the mini draft is complete, it is likely that the trading season will begin for all 30 teams. At this point you’ll have an opportunity to trade any players or assets that you’ve accumulated through the mini draft or sign free agents. The mini draft will set the basis for your team, but your team will most likely evolve from that point.

As for free agents, once the mini draft and rookie draft are done, we open up the free agent period. Since this is a keeper league, there aren’t really any marquee free agents in the league that become automatic free agents. So for instance, Tyson Chandler and Marc Gasol (who are real life free agents) already belong to teams in the DTNBA. Free agency in this sim league is used add anyone that wasn’t on an active roster at the end of the previous simulation league. Usually this includes international signings or players that were release from their DTNBA team due to injury or high salary cap (Salary cap will be explained once you join the league). There is no central data base that lists all the available free agents. It’s up to each GM to do their research and see who is available to sign via free agency.

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