Setting your Rotation/Depth Chart

Each team can submit up to a maximum of 12 players to be part of their rotation or Depth Chart (DC). Only healthy players and those playing in the NBA are eligible. If you have a player that is considered to be injured, suspended, playing internationally or in the D-league, that player is not eligible to be in your current DTNBA rotation.

Rotation can be set up in a format such as the following. The minimum number of players that must be in your active DC is 7. If you cannot reach this, Dan the Scrub Turner (DST) will be inserted into your lineup. See below for DST details.

PG – 1st Option / 2nd Option / 3rd Option

SG – 1st Option / 2nd Option / 3rd Option

SF – 1st Option / 2nd Option / 3rd Option

PF – 1st Option / 2nd Option / 3rd Option

C – 1st Option / 2nd Option / 3rd Option

Note: A player can play multiple positions (ex. Kevin Durant can be the 1st option at SF, but also the 2nd option at SG). Each GM should mix and match their rotations to determine the general minute distribution that a player can get in any configuration.

Dan the Scrub Turner

Dan Turner was the original creator of this league. He is long gone, but his memory lives on in the form of Dan The Scrub Turner. If you cannot field the minimum 7 healthy players, DST will be inserted into your lineup by the Commissioner. DST’s rankings are rated as 0 and his turnover ranking is 100 for contending teams and 100 and 0 for teams in search of lottery ping pong balls. DST is not designed to help your team no matter which direction you’re headed in.

The maximum amount of games that DST can play for you is 3 games. If a GM does not make a corresponding move to address the minimum amount of healthy players (activating a healthy player, trade or FA signing), the Commissioner at his own discretion will make a roster move for that team by cutting and signing a player of his choice.

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