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Survey Results/Feedback

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Firstly thanks to everyone who completed the survey and well done to everyone who won an award, not so well done if you received a vote for being no responsive! I just wanted to provide everyone with an overview of the feedback provided and hopefully the steps to be taken to improve the league!

Firstly we had a few suggested rule changes mentioned:

  1. Not having to trade within a 1 salary – I understand why someone has suggested this. This was originally introduced to ensure trades were fair and balanced and mean that the Commissioner didn’t have to step in and veto a trade if it is to one sided (I do still have this power, but its likely to be reserved to protect new GM’s). My personal opinion is that just like the NBA, salaries need to be considered when making a trade. With the salary cap increasing in the NBA every season, this will be considered every off season whilst this salary system is in place to see if the number needs to be increased from 1 to 2 for example.
  2. Each team needs to make a minimum of two trades per season – I personally don’t like this suggestion or forcing people to trade. My preference is that we have active GM’s who are trying to improve their roster by making offers and responding to offers.

I know in previous seasons, we have discussed rule changes at the end of the season, I think it would be worthwhile having these discussions around the all-star game so then any changes can come into place in the off-season.

The next question was regarding how the league could be improved and there seemed to be a common theme in most of the responses: More interaction, more content and a better website. Hopefully you can see that steps have been taken to improve all 3. Inactive GM’s have been removed and replaced with some new GM’s who are full of enthusiasm and should contribute more than the departing GM’s. The website has been updated and given a new look. I had never updated the website previously besides uploading the scores etc. I would like the website to have a lot more content going forward and have a few ideas in mind. However I am not going to be able to do this all myself, so im looking for a couple of people to volunteer to help with content. I already have one GM who is happy to be a undercover GM and provide comments on trades/draft selections (so be prepared for some possible criticism of your moves!). If something like this interests you or your happy to just do an article on anything DTNBA related let me know, it can be a one off or a regular contribution.

Whilst mentioning the website there is a cost associated with having the domain name, it works out around a few pounds/dollars per GM, so once the renewal is due I will know the exact cost and if people would be willing to contribute towards the cost that would be great, but if you cant or don’t wont to then no pressure.  

Other suggestions included:

  1. That there should be a revamp of free agency (something to be discussed during the season, ahead of next year)
  2. A zoom call for the draft – I love this idea and maybe something to consider in future and see how we can get it to work with the time zones and people making picks who cant make the call.
  3. That the rookie draft should be quicker and trade freeze whilst the draft takes place. I think we would all like the draft to be done quicker but a trade freeze would be a bad more in my opinion.  
  4. All players stats updated preseason. Im not quite sure what was meant by this suggestion, as all the players who are assigned to a roster will have their stats updated to reflect the season before, unless they are a rookie or played less than 250 mins. If this was your comment, drop me a DM to have a chat.
  5. Updating the software we use to run the sims, this is something I just haven’t had time to consider or do much research on. Hopfully I might be able to going forward.

Finally thanks for all the lovely feedback provided about myself given I was missing in action for a long period mid season with the surprise of baby Callie coming so early, your all to kind . As usual happy to discuss anything further and any new ideas/suggestions feel free to drop me a DM.   

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