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The Secret GM – Trade Reviews (1-50)

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As you read this article, your first thought is probaly, who is the Secret GM? All I am going to say, is that I have been in the league a few years and felt by having an anonymous profile, I could give my thoughts, through out the season and not get into any arguments with other GM’s! But it should create abit of buzz around the league.  

Firstly, I have to say the vast majority of the new additions to the league, have brought a new passion to the league and replaced some GM’s, who lets be honest added nothing to the league. Hopefully this enthusiasm remains throughout the season and for many more seasons to come. If I have learnt anything in DTNBA, is the need for patience, its going to take any new GM with a new team a couple of years before they are able to compete for that ring. The likes of the 76ers and Pelicans have been dominate in recent seasons and it will take a couple of good drafts and a number of good trades to get to there levels. But keep at it, you will get there one day!  

When I first suggested this idea to Marc (thanks for agreeing, as I know some of my comments through out the season are likely to cause abit of a stir with some GM’s) I thought I would be able to comment on every trade and give a grade for each team. However given the amount of trades, im only going to comment on a selection of them.    

So the first trade of the season, was: 

Trade 1: 

Grizz receive: Daniel Theis + Jordan McLaughlin Hornets receive: Dewayne Dedmon + Grizz 2024 2nd 

Not a blockbuster of a trade, but a fairly even trade of a couple of decent defenders.  

Trade 2: 

Hornets receive: Devin Booker(6), Pick 45 ‘22 (1) Celtics receive: Jalen Green (2), Davion Mitchell (1), Pick 34 (1), Clippers ‘23 1st (1), Sixers ‘23 2nd (1), Hornets ’25 2nd(1) 

Wow, a blockbuster on trade 2, love it for both teams, Hornets get a legit All-Star and potential hall of famer. The Celtics in exchange get a chance at the 1st pick in the 2023 draft with the Clippers 1st rounder and Jalen Green has the potential to get near Bookers levels.  

Trade 3 : 

Nets Trade 

6th pick (1) 
Caris LeVert (4) 
Maxi Kleber (2) 
2023 Phil 2nd round pick (1) 
Cavs trade: 
Gobert (6) 
2025 Cleveland 2nd round pick (1) 

A high price for Gobert you make think, but DTNBA sim loves a big! Hard to rate, as the Cavs have been so busy they ended up trading that 6th pick.  

Trade 5 
Hawks trade 
5th pick 2022 (1) 
Robert Covington (3) 
Spurs Trade 
Mikal Bridges (1) 
Colin Sexton (1) 
35th pick (1) 

A risky trade for the Hawks, Sexton doesn’t appear to be getting the offers in the NBA and seems likely to be behind Levert in the pecking order at the Cavs. The 5th pick turned into Keegan Murray, I love this trade for the Spurs!  

Trade 8: 

Warriors get:7 
Knicks 2024 second rounder 

Knicks get:13 
Warriors 2024 1st 
Warriors 2025 1st 

Has the Commish got two teams on the go? 7th for 13th pick and two future firsts! Wow, quite the haul. The Warriors 1st are likely be late first rounders however.  

Trade 11

Bulls get: Tyreke Evans 
Jazz get: Bulls 2025 2nd 

Maybe the most bizarre trade, this off season or ever. When was the last time Evans played in the NBA? Surly the Jazz would have cut him, so giving up only a second seems far to much!  

Trade 12 

76ers get: Embiid (6) 
Hornets get: Poole (1) 
Allen (1) 
2023 phi/den 
1st swap(1) 
2025 phi 1st (1) 
2025 phi 2nd (1) 
19th pick(1) 

I wonder how many trade offers Illia has made for Embiid over the years, as Embiid has been in the league for 6 years, I will take a guess at 74772! 3 firsts, Jarret Allen and Jordan Poole, an all star and likely future all star in my eyes was quite the haul for the Hornets. However this pushes the 76ers to the favourites for the DTNBA championship next season in my eyes.  

Trade 13: 
Pelicans get: LaMelo Ball (2), Scottie Barnes (2), Sekou Doumbouya (1), PJ Dozier (1), 16th, 17th 
Pacers get: Giannis Antetokounmpo (6), Chet Holgrem (2), 9th, 31st, Danny Green (4), Trevor Ariza (3) 
Nuggets get: Dejounte Murray (3), Desmond Bane (1), Miles Bridges (1), Jakob Poetl (2), Al Horford (6), 24th 

Wow! Where to start a three way trade with some serious talent moving around. The Pelicans trading away Giannis and blowing up their roster, what’s Pat thinking? Probably I will take a couple of seasons in the playoffs and then 10 years of Championships afterwards with this young core. Got to say I was surprised at the Nuggets trading Chet so soon, Michael may come to regret that in the next few years, in his long line of trades he regrets….. 

Trade 16:

Sixers trade: Herb Jones(1) + Jon Isaac(2) + Oshea Brissett(1) 

Suns trade: Deaaron Fox(2)+2025 phx 1st(1)  

Do the Suns ever trade with anyone else other than the 76ers?! I don’t understand this trade either, Fox is the best player in the deal and giving up a 1st rounder in 25 for Jon Isaac who hasn’t played a game in 2 years, I just don’t get it.  Maybe I might be completely wrong in a few years time, but I just don’t see it!

Trade 22 
Lakers get: 

  • Phoenix conditional pick that turns into ’25 1st round pick swap of Jazz and 76ers if the Phoenix pick does not convey 
  • ’22 Jazz #44 pick 
  • ’23 Nuggets 2nd 
  • ’25 Bulls 2nd 
  • Torrey Craig 

Jazz get: 

  • Bojan Bogdanovic 
  • Royce O’Neale 

Can anyone keep up with these trade conditions? I cant!  

Trade 23: 
Pelicans receive: Utah 2024 1st and Cleveland 2025 1st 
Cleveland receives: Jalen Williams 

How do you say your OKC fan without saying you’re an OKC fan? 

Trade 25: 
Knicks receive: Giannis Antetokounmpo(6) and Cameron Jonson(1) 
Pacers receive: Evan Mobley(2), GSW 2024 1st (1) GSW 2025 1st (1), Cam Reddish (1) and Ish Smith (2) 

Giannis on the move again, this puts the Knicks in some sort of contention. The Pacers have got an extremely strong young core, they will be challengers in future seasons.  

Trade 28: 

Lakers receive: 

  • John Wall (9) 
  • Pick swap (worst) of Lakers ’23 1st/Nuggets ’23 1st* (1) 

Hornets receive: 

  • Tim Hardaway Jr (4) 
  • Eric Gordon (4) 
  • Alex Caruso (1) 
  • Suns ’23 1st****** (1) 
  • Pick swap (best) of Lakers ’23 1st/Nuggets ’23 1st (1) -> Hornets 

Can you keep up with the conditions on these picks? The Hornets have got a good haul for John Wall on a 9 contract!  

Trade 31:

Magic get Fournier (4) 54 (1) and Clippers 2nd 2023 (1) 
Nuggets get Pick 28 (1) Ross (3) and MCW (1) 

Geraint trading for a non Magic player? That cant be right. oh of course there an ex Magic player. 

Trade 41:

Hornets get: 
Herro (1) + Powell (3) 
Clippers get: 
(1) HORNETS ’23 1st, 
(1) 76ers ’23 1st*, (which is the best of: 76ers ’23 1st vs lakers ’23 1st) 
(1) SUNS ’23 1st*, 
(1) HORNETS 25 1st, 
(1) LAKERS 25 1st 

That’s a hell of a lot of firsts for Herro, however given the conditions of a couple of the picks it could turn out to be 4 late first rounders, I think.  

Hawks receive 
Westbrook (9) 
Ibaka (2) 
Cavs receive 
Theis (2) 
Harris (4) 
McDermott (2) 
Hornets 2023 2nd round (1) 
Lakers 2024 2nd round (1) 
Knicks 2025 2nd round (1) 

This caused a lot of discussion on Slack, mostly slating Westbrook. I think the Hawks have got a extremely good deal, the salary isn’t great but the triple double threat is.  

Cavs gets: 
Josh Giddey (1) 
Marcus smart (3) 
Azuibuike (1) 
Thunder 2nd 2025 (1) 
JRE (1) 
Pick swap for 2023 1st rounder (best of nets/thunder) 
Okc gets 
Pascal Siakam (7) 
Tre Mann (1) 
Pick swap for 2023 1st rounder (worst of nets/thunder) – pick swap void if nets get a top 10 

I believe Siakam is over rated and Barnes will take touches off him in the new season, so this looks a great deal for the Cavs getting two good defenders in Smart and Azuibuike and it will be interesting to see how Giddy develops.  

Nuggets get: Andre Drummond (1), Rajon Rondo (2), Stanley Johnson (1) 
Pistons get: Lauri Markennan (2), 2024 Magic 1st, 2024 Celtics 2nd, 2025 Lakers 2nd 

Is Andre Drummond really this good? In the NBA, no. In DTNBA maybe, his per 36 mins for rebounds, blocks and steals are some of the best in the league. Win win for both teams here.  

Hope you enjoyed my review!

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