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The Secret GM – Trade Reviews (51-78)

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Article 2 from the Secret GM is here!!  I’m going along the lines of
the first article I put together with reviewing some of the recent trades.

Normally at this point of the season, it tends to be only minor trades for
people to get under the cap but we have seen a couple of blockbusters and im
holding out hope we can get to 100 trades for the season, that must be a

Okay to first trade of interest:

Trade 52:

Nuggets get: DeAnthony Melton (2), Thaddeus Young (3), 2023 Kings 1st
Kings get: Bennedict Mathurin (1), Terrance Ross (3),
2025 Nets 1st, 2023 Clippers 2nd

The Nuggets mean business this off season, I have no idea how many trades
Michael has done and he has gone from a team of youngsters to a team that’s
going into the playoffs. I think short term, the Nuggets win the trade, but in
a few years time, I think there is a real possibility the Kings will come out
on top.

Trade 53:

Magic get: Smart (3) and Theis (2)

Cavs get: White, Braun, Rockets 23 2nd

Geraint trading for Boston Celtic players?! The world has gone mad. He will
be trading away Magic players next………….Think this is a smart move by both

Trade 57:

Pacers receive
Caris LeVert (4)
Markieff Morris (1)
Isaiah Joe (1)

Cavs receive
Corey Kispert (1)
Aaron Nesmith (1)
Jeremy Lamb (3)

LeVert had been on the block sometime, but I was surprised he ended up at
the Pacers, who are looking to the future with Chet and Mobley. Caris is 28
years old, everyone seems to think he is younger. However he is still the best
player in the deal and maybe we will see the Pacers move him on before the
season starts?

Trade 59:

Nuggets get: 2024 76ers 2nd
Hawks get: Rajon Rondo

An odd trade, not as odd as Chris giving up a second for Tyreke Evans. At
least Rondo has played in the league in the last 4 years and giving up pick

Trade 64:

Nets get :Allen (5) + Morris (4) + Den 1st 23 (1)
Hornets trade: Gobert (8) + Utah 2nd 23 (1) + Cavs 2nd 25 (1)

Marcus has made some smart trades since joining the league, I’m not sure I
am on board on this one though. Gobert brings blocks and rebounds, I think that
Allen might be able to get close Gobert’s figures and have scoring as well.
Hats off to Amin, who is going under the radar quite quietly and putting
together a team that will be contending.

Trade 65:

Nuggets get: Mo Bamba (2)
Magic get: 2023 Kings 1st, 2025 Nets 1st

Another Magic player traded away by Geraint?! Maybe he is starting to
realise that having a team full of Magic players is going to leave you in the
same position as the real life Magic. But no, Trade 67 explains why this trade
was completed.

Trade 67:

Rockets get:
Magic 2025 first (1)
Jazz 2024 first (1)
Nets 2025 first (1)
Wiseman (2)
Houstan (1)

Magic get:Paulo Banchero(2)
Bledsoe (4)

That’s more like it! Geraint gets the new love of his life, but at what
price?? If Wiseman doesn’t stay injury free, he wins the trade here, but if
Wiseman can stay on the court and deliver on the hype from a few years ago,
Banchero is going to have to be very good to be the winner in this deal. Watch
this space!

Trade 68:

Orlando receive Alex Caruso (2)
Charlotte receive Rj Hampton (1) and the Cavs 24 2nd rounder (1) Clippers 24
2nd rounder (1)

Just when I thought normal service had resumed with Geraint, he trades away
a Magic player for an ex Laker?! Caruso will bring some good defence to the
Magic back court.

Trade 69:

Sixers trade: Chris Boucher(2) + Nemanja Bjelica(1)
Grizzlies trade: Otto Porter(1) + Simone Fontecchio(1) + Nick Richards(1) +
2025 Mem 2nd

Thank god, Illia has traded Boucher, I couldn’t take another message about
how great he is and his talent being wasted on the Raptors bench! However I
fear that another love affair maybe starting between him and Fontecchio….

Trade 70:

Sixers trade: Otto Porter(1) + Marko Todorovic(1 – stash)
Spurs trade: Trendon Watford(1) + Kenny Lofton(1 -2way) + 2025 Orl 2nd

The Spurs already had one of the best defensive teams in the league, adding
Otto was a smart move, I think for once, Illia might have been able to get more
for one of his players, its not often that can be said….

Trade 71:

Hornets get: Terry Rozier (4)
Rockets get: Spurs ’23 2nd (1) + TBlazers ’23 2nd (1) + Hornets ’24 2nd (1) +
OKC ’25 2nd (1) + 76ers ’25 2nd (1)

This trade caused abit of a stir on slack, have this many second rounders
ever been traded before? is this valuing Rozier to low? should the Commish
stepped in to veto the trade?! I think the trade is very subjective, given no
one knows for certain where the second rounders will fall and what the
selections will be, there has been plenty of players better than Rozier
selected in the second round. Clearly the Rockets didn’t want Rozier and the
flexibility of 5 second rounders will help in future years when making deals or
they might get lucky with one of those picks. Chris you best get scouting for
those second round gems.

Trade 73:

Nets receive: Knicks 1st rounder 23 and Nuggets 2nd rounder 23
Knicks receive Looney(1) and Nets 2nd rounder 25

I doubt any GM in the NBA would give up a first rounder for Looney, the per
36 stats are good but are they enough to warrant a first round pick, I guess it
depends on who well the Knicks do this season. My gut feeling tells me that
Amin wins another trade.

Trade 74:

Jazz get: Durant (9), Bitadze (1), Pelicans 2024 1st (1)

Pelicans get: Okongwu (2), Clarke (1), I. Jackson (1), Gallinari (5),
Tillman (1)

I think everyone in DTNBA knew that Durant was going to be traded it was
just a matter of when and where. If im right I think Pat has now traded his
whole starting 5 from last season, the workings of a mad genius?! However take
a look at the per 36 stats for some of these guys he got back in return. The
Jazz become contenders by adding KD, is the supporting cast good enough to lead
them to a title, we will have to wait and see. But I have a sneaky feeling the
Pelicans will still finish higher than the Jazz!  

Trade 75:
Jazz get: Draymond Green (5)

Pistons get: Grant Williams (1)
Pelicans 2024 1st (1)
Ingles (3)

The Jazz supporting cast just got stronger, love this deal for the Jazz as
Green brings the extra defense required to build a contender. The Pistons will
be hoping Grant Williams bursts out this season and the Pelicans pick falls
into the lottery. I am doubtful about both.

Trade 77:

Nuggets get:
John Collins (5)
Jaden Hardy (1)
2023 Jazz 2nd
2024 Suns 2nd

Hornets get:
Andre Drummond (1)
Davis Bertans (4)
Michael Carter Williams (1)
Kennedy Chandler (1)

A large price to pay for Drummond, however he is always one of the best
players in DTNBA due to his high FG%, rebounds, blocks and steals. The Hornets
needs to shave salary and have done this by swapping Collins for Drummond. It’s
a smart move for the short term, in a few years time however Marcus could come
to regret this deal.

Hope you enjoyed the article. For my next article am going to do a more in
depth piece on how the trades have affected the short term and long term
prospects of each team. If you have any other ideas post them in general or DM
– Marc to pass on, I cant provided my DM sorry!

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